More schools to start face-to-face learning

Nov 14, 2020 by

Education Minister Fayval Williams (right) is joined by Manchester Central Member of Parliament Rhoda Crawford (left) in presenting a tablet to Bellefield Primary School grade 4 student Dexroy Anderson. (Photo: Gregory Bennett)

MANDEVILLE, Manchester — Education Minister Fayval Williams says more schools are being assessed to facilitate face-to-face learning at the end of the ministry’s two-week pilot project, which is now taking place in 17 schools.

Williams, who was speaking at the handing over of tablets to nine students of the Bellefield Primary and Infant School yesterday, said the assessment is being used to guide the ministry’s decision to determine the schools that will participate in the next phase of face-to-face learning.

“So far we would have had four days [of face-to-face learning] from 16 schools and three days from one school. The schools have been doing well… Right now, we are assessing other schools to see how best we can bring those on,” she said.

“We are not just waiting until the end of the two weeks. We are actively seeing what we are learning [and] are there things that we missed, for the next round, what we need to do better at. We are trying to determine the next step even before we get to the end of the two weeks,” Williams told journalists yesterday.

According to Williams, it would be logical to continue face-to-face learning at the 17 schools.

“The schools that are in session now would continue, that would be a logical continuation and then the next ones to come on, as long as they can get ready by the end of this pilot, then they would be on,” stressed Williams.

She is however cautious about the ministry’s decision as to which schools will be added based on variables.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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