Mosques in America: A Guide to Accountable Permit Hearings and Continuing Citizen Oversight

Jan 23, 2017 by

by Karen Lugo Esq. –

Many communities are stymied by Islamist cultural schemes in concert with the political Left’s attacks on citizens who defend American traditions and constitutional principles. From mosque building plans to Muslim settlements in the community, there is confusion about how to discuss culture and how to define community values. Generous religious protections apply for organizations seeking to exercise religious freedoms, including the siting of a religious facility. Islamic expressions of faith are protected by these federal and constitutional laws. However, there is no allowance for misleading municipal planning officials and eluding the structural rules. This guide provides case studies and legal insight into local zoning processes along with suggested roles for residents who wish to engage in oversight. There is also advice for those who will stay engaged after a mosque is sited, defending communities from those Islamist operations that incubate radicalization and design to spread Islamism’s dictates into the community. Assisting in the effort, a group called Muslims for Reform has issued a clarion call to Americans willing to confront Islamist campaigns. America has a singular opportunity to avoid the fate of Europe and this book offers the uniquely American free speech opportunities that may provide the foundations upon which self-determination and individual liberty may be protected and advanced.

Source: Mosques in America: A Guide to Accountable Permit Hearings and Continuing Citizen Oversight: Karen Lugo Esq.: 9781540729170: Books

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