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Casino gambling has had a seriously wild ride over the last few centuries, with the global casino industry going from strength to strength over the years, and ultimately arriving at the massive popularity level that it enjoys today. It wasn’t always this easy though, in fact casino gambling was effectively illegal for the first few thousand years of human gambling, something that was a result of the fact that there weren’t any legitimate casinos that existed before the Casino di Venezia was opened in the mid 1600s. 

Since then casino gambling has had a fairly slow growth, largely down to the continued struggle between casino owners and government authorities. Rules started to loosen during the 20th century, and the subsequent casino gambling boom in places like Las Vegas gave a sign of things to come. This pales in comparison to the effect that online casinos have had over the last two decades though, as there are now more than ten times the amount of gamblers that there was before – play and deposit on King. Want to know what the most competitive casino games online to play are? Keep reading to find out.  

The wonderful world of online casino 

Firstly though, let’s just explore a bit about the wonderful world of online casino, as it is something that most people will have had contact with these days, but may not know the whole story. The seeds for online casino were being sewn back in the 90s, and there were even a few rudimentary online casino sites around at this point, however they weren’t really well designed enough to make a solid impact. 

Indeed, the Internet and other technology just wasn’t quite ready for the emergence of online casino, however as soon as things like broadband became common the industry started to explode in popularity. These days there are thousands of online casino sites to choose from, with various casino bonuses being offered in order to attract the most customers. 

What makes a competitive casino game online? 

Before we list some examples of competitive casino games online it is important to ask yourself the question – what makes a competitive casino game online? Well, there are two main things to consider here, whether you want a casino game online that is competitive in that it is fairly easy to win, or one that you can play against other people. 

Both of these varieties have their positives and negatives, however it is ultimately up to you to decide what type of competitiveness you are wanting from your casino game online gambling. 

A pick of the most competitive casino games online to play 

Right then, that’s enough of the theory out of the way, let’s get into some of the most competitive casino games online to play: 

·         Online slots: Online slots are like cat-nip to online gamblers, they just cannot get enough! One of the main reasons is that they give you the best competitive chance to win money out of all the casino games online to play, mainly as a result of their obvious RTP ratings.

·         Online bingo: Online bingo is competitive in another way, because you get to compete with and against your friends!

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