Most primary schools lack facilities

Sep 17, 2018 by

Most of the Government primary schools in Garissa County lack or have depleted facilities and don’t have sufficient number of teachers and support staff.

This has been revealed in a research conducted by non-state actors.
While talking to the press in Garissa, the non-state actors said despite Free Primary Education, (FPE), the Government is yet to provide the schools a learning environment which is conducive.

They also want intervention in cases where most of the children drop out of school due poverty related issues.

A recent study by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) found that many schools lack basic facilities like toilets and classrooms despite Free Primary Education (FPE).

The non-state actors noted that children still remain marginalized as they face huge challenges that undermine their rights and their developmental needs as they grow.

The group said that some 15.4 per cent of children were concerned about insecurity in schools and at home in volatile areas.

Source: Most primary schools lack facilities – Education News

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