Mother angry after band awards ‘a green card and jar of salsa’ to student

May 19, 2017 by

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Several responses to her post stated “gag awards” were a longtime tradition at the band banquet.

A Valley woman took to Facebook to show her anger after a high school band awards ceremony where she said racist jokes were told.

Tanya Hernandez’s post got attention Thursday before her privacy settings were changed.

“This has been very difficult for me and my family,” she said in a message when asked for a comment. “I am overwhelmed at the negative feedback when my main purpose was to raise awareness to what I felt was damaging to not only my children but to the others as well.”

The post, written on May 16, dealt with an awards ceremony at Valley High School, which Hernandez went “beyond what is acceptable.” She described it as “embarrassing and degrading,” leaving her “pretty disgusted and embarrassed.”

“Of course, I am personally disgusted by the ‘Hernandez’ award where the winner is awarded a pail and a bucket to dig across the border, a green card, a bag of chips, and a jar of salsa,” she wrote. “If you are offended by this post, then, maybe, you should recheck yourself, your attitude. Why do you think the news is filled with kids committing suicide?”

She also described other awards, which included giving students “duct tape for their mouths.” According to her, another student “was given a banner for her annoying personality.”

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