Motivating Soccer Player from the Perspective of a Coach

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Just make sure that the players training under you have fun in the field. Is it enough? Yes, it is, but there’s a buildup to that. It doesn’t come overnight. Barring players who are soccer enthusiasts right from when they came to know about it, the motive is to sustain the energy until they become international achievers. But, how does an external force like a soccer coach do it? They need to respond to the team’s passion individually. Use the assimilated information and implement it on a deeper level to keep the training sessions more balanced. There is an extension of what can a coach do for dressing his players with motivation.

Mixing up the roles

Sometimes it’s better to break the monotony of the schedule by mixing up the different roles of players on the field. Encourage them to perform as an all-rounder rather than to just excel at one position. This makes sure that they are given the opportunity to portray their skills at different levels of the game. Who knows, they might be better at another point.

Be critical but not too much

There is a good combination of positive and negative motivation which always helps players to be confident just at the right level. A player doesn’t always fix something as quickly as he thinks. Everything doesn’t work immediately and gradual improvement will only come if you evaluate them critically and communicate the same for better results.

Do not over-train

It’s one of the most common loopholes in a training session when the players are made to exert more than appropriate effort. Motivation takes a serious hit there because its not only their physical self but their mental exertion which is being overexploited. When motivated players perform, they don’t need to be scheduled. Moreover, give them the time to recover even if they are in a bad phase of their career.

Let them follow an Idol

Let them wear an official team soccer Jersey which gives some another opportunity to get into their shoes for an even more motivated soul. These clothes assist them physically along with that mental relief that there’s a level to which want to reach. Following their footsteps, they can achieve something unprecedented. If the whole team has a similar mindset, competitions would not only be on the community level but beyond.

Mentally train them

Mental training is just as important as physical training as motivation always comes from the inside rather than from the external forces. It’s not only the coach but their inner enthusiasm which makes them strive towards a particular goal. It’s better to keep them guessing what’s coming ahead but making them aware of what exactly what their careers shall shape like.

As a Soccer coach, you have various responsibilities. But, until a player is motivated from the inside, no external factor can help him. Not even authentic soccer jerseys even if Messi himself has given them one. Players will be breeding their careers only as far as they are motivated. Make sure the training sessions and mental shaping are done professionally.

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