Movie and Book Review: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

Sep 16, 2018 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

Every once in a while ( kind of sounds like “once upon a time”) a good movie comes along that needs to be written about and shared with others. And every once in a while there is a book upon which the movie is based which is also meant to be read. 

The characters and the actors are all to be admired and commended–but it is the story and the message that needs to be communicated about.

The story is set partially in London, but primarily in Guernsey- during the German occupation of the war. But the story is also about the redemptive value of reading. The story is about the value of reading and the value of literature and the need to read and discuss and how reading can bring people together and serve as a vessel of sorts to salvage their souls.

And of course, the movie is also about writing, and the need to preserve forever a story that is worth telling- and which brings tears to one’s eyes and of course, lifts and supports and encourages us all.

And of course, there is a love story embedded in the movie and book ( there IS a book with the same title-I saw it in Wal Mart ) and the movie is partially historical and partially about the characters and the people and the values they cherish and their ability to survive and sustain themselves ( via reading ) under the most devastating of circumstances. 

This move should be seen twice or perhaps even three times- once to provide some historical backdrop to World War II- that many people do not know about, and once to enjoy the subtle robust nuances of language and literature that emanates from the main characters.

It is a quiet movie, set in a beautiful backdrop and in a charming village in Guernsey and we come to love the characters- and the literature that they have come to adore.

Those who are enamored of literature, reading, and writing would do well to attempt to rent the movie or read the book, and then decide which is better.

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