Msg to parents: Don’t let secular schools unravel all your efforts

Sep 1, 2019 by

A noted expert on youth and the influence of education on a person’s worldview is urging parents to send their college-bound children to a Christian school.

As OneNewsNow reported earlier this week, a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey reveals that Millennials, GenXers and GenZ don’t value God, family, or country as much as the older set. Dr. Alex McFarland of Truth for a New Generation cites other conservative voices who, like him, believe that the shift most often happens when the students go off to college.

“Ben Shapiro [in his book Brainwashed] said college in America has become a four-year attack on America and God,” McFarland told an American Family Radio audience. “[Christian apologist Dr.] Ravi Zacharias said college is four years and $100,000 to learn that you can’t know anything.”

His years of experience and interaction with young, college-age people have shown McFarland that higher education preys on those who have already been disillusioned by growing up in broken or dysfunctional families.


“The thing that has really started all the dominoes falling – and the thing that I pray for God to restore – has been the state of the family,” he tells OneNewsNow. “Feelings of loneliness and alienation and abandonment have been the emotional starting point for so many young lives because of the breakdown of the family.”

He points out that even young people from intact, strong homes fall prey to secular attacks on their worldview. That’s why he suggests that unless parents are confident their child has a strong, solid faith, they consider a different alternative.

“I would say [to them] that four years of college can unravel what you’ve worked 18 years to instill if your child doesn’t have a solid, biblical worldview. So think about a Christian college for your kids,” he advises.

Source: Msg to parents: Don’t let secular schools unravel all your efforts

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