MSU: We aren’t liable for Nassar’s crimes

Aug 27, 2019 by

MSU, in lengthy court filing, asks judge to throw out lawsuits from second-wave of Nassar victims, says law proves school can’t be held liable

Since John Engler was forced from his position as the head of Michigan State University, leaders at the East Lansing school have repeatedly talked about how sorry they are for the actions of Larry Nassar and the inaction of MSU. They even invited survivors to a board meeting so the university could formally apologize to them.

That tone took a sharp turn Monday as the school’s legal team took a battering ram to 37 lawsuits, representing more than 100 Nassar survivors, telling a federal judge the university had no legal responsibility for anything Nassar did to any of the women. The filing sets the two sides up for a nasty, long court battle.

“Although Nassar’s actions were repugnant and merit the heavy criminal penalties imposed upon him, the law does not support Plaintiffs’ attempts to hold the MSU Defendants liable for his wrongs,” the university said in a court filing of more than 100 pages, backed by nearly 900 pages of exhibits.

Source: MSU: We aren’t liable for Nassar’s crimes

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