Music to Our Ears – Ted Cruz To Repeal Common Core and Dump the Dept. of Education

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“Music to Our Ears – Ted Cruz To Repeal Common Core and Dump the Dept. of Education”

By Donna Garner



Right before the 10.28.15 CNBC debate, Ted Cruz had the courage to reveal his Simple Flat Tax Plan:



Yesterday morning right before last night’s Fox Business Network/Wall Street Journal debate, Ted Cruz courageously revealed his Spending Cuts — 


Ted Cruz:  …First, to begin the process of reducing the scope and cost of government, I have identified the Five for Freedom: During my first year as President, I will fight to abolish:


(1)  the Department of Education

(2)  the IRS

(3)  the Department of Energy

(4)  the Department of Commerce

(5)  the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)


Going even further last night on the Megyn Kelly Show, Ted Cruz stated, “I have been campaigning for a long time on repealing Common Core, abolishing the Dept. of Education, and block granting that money back to the states so that education can be handled on the state and local level.”


Ted Cruz’s statement is music to the ears of millions of Americans who are watching their children (1) lose their confidence, (2) cry and fret over their Common Core homework, and (3) become indoctrinated into Obama’s social justice agenda.


Ted Cruz’s statement is also music to the ears of millions of American teachers who know instinctively that their students are being deprived of a well-rounded education and that their students’ knowledge level is going down while their indoctrination level is going up.


I can hardly wait to vote Ted Cruz into the White House and watch him Constitutionally dismantle the Department of Education piece by piece. It will be so much fun to see who Cruz puts into the Sect. of Education’s spot with the admonition “to work yourself out of a job.”


I know someone right now who would make the perfect choice for that job, someone who has been forced to kowtow to the unconstitutional demands of the Dept. of Education and who knows what an authentic, well-rounded education looks like. This person knew from the beginning, just as Ted Cruz did, that the Race to the Top funds were an unconstitutional takeover of the public schools by the Obama administration.





Donna Garner

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