Muslim Advocacy Group to U.: “Condemn” Christie’s Trump Endorsement

Mar 12, 2016 by

It will be interesting to see if the school responds to this in any way.

The Princeton Tory reports.

Muslim Advocacy Group to U.: “Condemn” Christie’s Trump Endorsement

In an open letter which was circulated to undergraduate email lists on Wednesday, a group of students called Muslim Advocates for Social Justice & Individual Dignity (MASJID) called on the Princeton University Board of Trustees to “condemn Governor Christie’s sanction of Donald Trump’s racism and xenophobia,” and “to reaffirm the Board’s commitment to Princeton University’s values of inclusiveness and diversity.” As New Jersey Governor, Christie serves as an ex officio member of the University’s Board of Trustees.

The group also sent a link to a petition that they encouraged individual students and student groups to sign on to so they could show their own support for the demand to “call upon the Princeton University Board of Trustees to denounce fellow trustee Gov. Christie’s support of Trump.”

The open letter said that Trump “falsely claimed that Muslims celebrated during the 9/11 attacks,” which the letter asserted “led to a rise in hate crimes.” The letter went on to say that “Governor Christie has unfortunately legitimized Trump’s hatefulness and, implicitly, the hate crimes and intolerance that are the natural results of that abhorrent philosophy.” It also referenced Christie’s prior refusal to allow Syrian refugees to come to New Jersey.

The letter concluded with the declaration, “We call upon you, the Board of Trustees, to condemn Governor Chris Christie’s support of Donald Trump’s Islamophobic and xenophobic campaign. Silence implies complicity, especially because it is Governor Christie, a fellow Trustee, who is standing by this hatred. We also ask that you reaffirm the importance of a diverse and inclusive atmosphere on campus for minorities, including women, Latinx, Muslims, Black people, LGBTQ+ people, and people with disabilities.”

Source: Muslim group at Princeton | condemn Christie | over Trump

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    Lady Ella-Rebecka Marlen-Summers

    It is no surprise now, to most persons, after all we have heard of terrible atrocities and breaches of human and animal rights done in the name of islam, that there is strong opinion, and following for that opinion, that the claims for ‘special considerations’ by muslims is met with less than acceptance.

    I have been thinking that I might claim my human right to a special quiet room at the localities I visit and use, so that I may attend to my essential belief in Resting the Soul.
    In addition, I believe it is righteous to wear headcovering to protect my precious hair from pollutions, as also a nose covering.
    And I need to wear sunglasses (already do anyway), and I like to wear long flowing clothes anyway. I do happen to not enjoy the company of men in pools too. I do actually think we have forgotten about modesty and decency in western cultures.
    This is a bit of a mixed-message picture I draw maybe. But please can I have the first thing… the ‘Rest for my Soul’ room, wherever I go to?

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