Muslim students ‘praying in corridors’ at Queen’s University Belfast

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Student campaign for dedicated prayer room receives support from bishop of Derry, as they struggle to find greater privacy on campus

Muslim students at a Northern Ireland university have to pray in corridors, classrooms and forgotten corners of the campus because the college will not provide a dedicated space for prayer.

Students at Queen’s University Belfast are campaigning for the university to set aside a private area where they can pray – a move that would end constant struggles to find privacy while on campus.

Speaking on the BBC Radio Ulster Talkback programme, Ahmed Amer from the QUB Muslim society stressed that most other universities in England and in the Republic of Ireland have dedicated rooms for prayer – as does the University of Ulster.

“Having a prayer room on campus is just a sign that the university is accommodating the needs of its students,” he said.

Describing how he had dealt with the lack of private prayer space in his own student days he said: “I used to walk to the mosque most of the time. Sometimes I used to pray in a corridor. But I was lucky because I studied close to a hospital which had a quiet room so I would make use of the quiet room in the hospital.”

Source: Muslim students ‘praying in corridors’ at Queen’s University Belfast | UK news | The Guardian

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