MVP math suing Wake County parent for ‘libel and slander’ after he criticized program

Jul 30, 2019 by

— The company behind a controversial math curriculum being used in Wake County public schools has filed a lawsuit against a Cary parent, accusing him of “libel and slander” and “tortious interference with business relations” after he criticized the program.

An attorney for the Utah-based Mathematics Vision Project, or MVP, said the company decided to sue parent Blain Dillard after he made “false statements” about the company. Dillard says he is “innocent of all allegations and can defend each and every point made in the summons.”

MVP attorney Joseph Shapiro told WRAL News the company “believes in and supports public discourse, especially relating to the education of our children. Society has, however, placed limits on public discourse. One of those limits is a restriction against false statements. MVP’s legal action against Mr. Dillard is an effort to preserve these boundaries and maintain the civility, dignity, and productiveness of public discourse.”

The lawsuit claims Dillard “commenced a crusade against MVP” and “acted with reckless disregard” as he knowingly made false and defamatory statements with the intent to harm MVP’s reputation. The company wants a jury trial and is seeking damages for Dillard’s “defamatory statements” and “intentional interference” with the company’s business.



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    The man wants his child educated, not used as an test subject for collecting data. Why is that so hard to understand? MVP appears to be more interested in protecting their product through litigation than actually creating a useful methodology.
    Group projects have their place, but to teach critical thought and mathematics? Teach them first, then let them use their skills in a group setting. Mathematics is not like kickball. This is just another social experiment teaching children that in a group only a few members do all the work. Is math not hard enough without needlessly throwing in a social component?
    Adopting this MVP silliness is another step toward lowering the bar. I guess it is easier to demoralize the talented students than to help those who struggle.
    I really worry about the future of our public schools. Truly sad.

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