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“Texas Candidates in Nov. 2012 General Elections”

by Donna Garner


It is almost time for the all-important Nov. 2012 General Elections to begin in Texas.  Tomorrow starts early voting in person — Oct. 22 through Nov. 2. The General Election Day is Nov. 6.

Here is the link on the Texas Secretary of State’s website to all the candidates who will stand for election in the Nov. 2012 General Election.



Below, I have posted the names of the Texas State Board of Education candidates who will be on the ballot.  I have listed 10 people whom I consider to be strong conservatives (Pat Hardy leans most of the time toward conservative values).


With 15 on the SBOE, 8 is a majority. If each one of those on the following list is elected (10), we can take back the SBOE for the conservatives.  All of us must do our part to help these 10 to get elected because the decisions made by the SBOE impact all 4.8 million public school children and the millions of their parents and teachers – in actuality, the entire future of our state.


If you are not sure in which SBOE district you reside, here is the link to the SBOE district map enacted by the last legislative session:




Names of Conservative Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) Candidates Who Are Standing for Election – Nov. 2012


Carlos “Charlie” Garza – District 1

David M. Williams – District 3

Dorothy Olmos – District 4

Ken Mercer – District 5

Donna Bahorich – District 6

David Bradley – District 7

Barbara Cargill – District 8

Tom Maynard – District 10

Pat Hardy – District 11

Marty Rowley – District 15



Donna Garner

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