My Thoughts on Yesterday’s Prayer Rally in Reliant Stadium

Aug 7, 2011 by

Donna Garner

I did not know beforehand whether or not politicians would turn the prayer rally in Reliant Stadium into a political event, but we all know now that they certainly did not.

Gov. Perry participated with a non-political address in which he read Joel 2:12-17, Isaiah 40:28-31, and Ephesians 3:14-21; and then he prayed ( Everything else that occurred over those seven and a half hours was in the hands of the event planners who led genuine praise, worship, and a call for repentance.

The sincere worship of the participants was evident not only to those in Reliant Stadium but to the 80,000+ of us who worshiped through the live streaming of the event.

How could anyone doubt the sincerity of those who spent seven and a half hours asking the Lord to have mercy upon our nation, to comfort the families of our 30 soldiers whose helicopter was brought down by the Taliban in Afghanistan, and to give hope to those who have lost hope.

According to the Texas Rangers who counted the participants, more than 40,000 were in attendance. If you doubt their count, then your eyes should confirm the number:–far-more-than-the-8000-organizers-estimated-would-come-1

I do not know Gov. Perry’s heart, but I do know that all of us in times of trouble need to turn to Almighty God. That is what occurred yesterday in Reliant Stadium and all around the country as many in our nation have finally come to the place where we realize we cannot solve our problems without Him. The Lord is our sure and certain Source.

May God be merciful upon us all.

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