MyCleanPC: Software Helping College Students Adjust To Online Classroom Environment

Nov 12, 2020 by

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Countless schools have had to close their gates because of the pandemic. They simply could not risk the health and safety of the students, the faculty, and the staff. Instead, they have had to switch to remote learning with profound consequences for those involved. While some are happy to be home with their families in relative safety, others are having a hard time transitioning to this new mode of study. The heavy dependence on technology is a burden on those who may not have the resources or the know-how to face the challenges that they encounter. Fortunately, useful software tools are available online including MyCleanPC.

One of the most common issues that students face is computer slowdown. They are completely dependent on their laptops and desktops in completing their schoolwork. They cannot afford to have a slow system that frustrates them at every turn. Imagine having to wait for several minutes just for the machine to boot up. The same thing could happen when trying to launch programs and doing intense work. These issues are particularly frequent with older machines. Buying a new laptop can help but that’s out of the budget range for most students. It would be best to look for other solutions to speed up the existing computer.

Understanding why machines slow down will help immensely. Several things can lead to this unfortunate situation including low disk space, excessive startup programs, active malware, registry problems, and so on. If each of these could be solved, then the speed of the computer can drastically improve. Wait times can shorten from minutes to seconds. Students can read all of the pages that cover their exams and reports. They can pass their assignments before the deadlines. They can create their presentations and videos in time for their next classes. MyCleanPC has the power to automate troubleshooting and boost speed in one click.

MyCleanPC looks for all unnecessary files that can be erased without problems. Your important documents, pictures, videos, spreadsheets, and personal files will still be there but the clutter will be gone. By getting rid of these, you can free up a massive amount of space on the hard drive. This lets your system function smoother since it uses free space as temporary storage when opening programs and doing various tasks. Instead of crawling through every click, your machine will feel snappy and responsive. Instead of frustrating you at every turn, it will be helping you accomplish whatever you set out to do which is exactly how it should be.

MyCleanPC also has a built-in Startup Manager which makes it a breeze to edit the settings for your startup programs. These are the software that automatically opens up when you turn on the machine. This feature is definitely convenient as you don’t have to keep opening items that you always need. However, it can backfire if you include too many programs on the list. If you have an unusually long boot-up time, then this may be the culprit. Open the MyCleanPC manager and trim the startup programs on the list. Leave only what is essential.

The MyCleanPC software is available for download through the official website at so there is no need to look for a CD at stores. Students can try it for free and diagnose their system. This will show the issues that can be resolved by the program. You can unlock the full features by activating the software online. The process is fast and easy. Anyone can get their system up and running quickly with just a few clicks. It’s perfect for college students who want their computer to be the ideal learning companion.

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