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Historic group abandons civil rights for liberalism.

The NAACP is blackballing black conservatives.

Specifically, two black conservatives: Deneen Borelli and the Reverend C. L. Bryant.

You missed this? Considering the state of the liberal media these days, one shouldn’t be surprised.

But there’s infinitely more to this story than this, although the rejection of Borelli and Bryant personifies the reason the NAACP has long since lost its hard-won credibility. Credibility that came from a long, distinctly honorable record of standing against the most vicious racism the American Left — yes the American Left — could dish out.

Now? Now the NAACP has basically decided: why beat them when you can join them?

This isn’t just appalling. It’s beyond shameful.

Let’s get to it.

In a few days, July 13-17 specifically, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People — the NAACP — will be gathering in Orlando, Florida, for its annual convention.

The welcome mat is not out for Ms. Borelli or Reverend Bryant.

Ads have been run on the Rush Limbaugh show featuring the Reverend Bryant, a distinguished civil rights leader who is a former president of the NAACP’s Garland, Texas chapter. (Here is Rev. Bryant’s website.) Bryant is urging his fellow Americans to contact the NAACP and ask them to let both Borelli and Bryant speak at the convention.

There is a petition, found here. Sponsored by the aptly named Freedom Works. Since the liberal media delights in ignoring black conservatives, we are pleased to reprint the petition in its brief entirety right here. The bold print is as supplied in the original:

The NAACP wants to silence conservatives who believe the government should be limited to defending your liberty.

This is an outrage. Americans of all color should strive to achieve success without dependency on Big Government. The message of opportunity, hard work, and economic freedom should be a part of the NAACP. Prohibiting conservative speakers like Deneen Borelli and Reverend C.L. Bryant sends the wrong message.


Sign the petition now and demand the NAACP stop silencing black conservatives.

via The American Spectator : NAACP Blackballs Borelli and Bryant.

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