Nadaburg Unified School District hopes academy is first step to high school

Jul 7, 2011 by

At Desert Oasis Elementary School, Principal Bill Collins is putting the finishing touches on what will become his first-ever ninth-grade classroom next year.

Oversize desks are lined up in neat rows. An adjacent work space has been cleaned out, ready for new student files. In one corner, a couch carves out a space to “hang out.”

This is the Desert Oasis Academy, what the Nadaburg Unified School District hopes will be its first successful step into high school territory.

Last year, the state Legislature passed House Bill 2731 – better known as the ”



” bill – that essentially would allow students to complete high school more quickly by working towards a Grand Canyon Diploma.

The diploma means students will not have to pass the AIMS test or earn a particular number of credits. Instead, they must take a more rigorous curriculum, then pass a set of exams to demonstrate proficiency in core subjects.

“The idea was that seat time should not drive performance,” said Nadaburg Superintendent Greg Riccio. “It should be competence.”

via Nadaburg Unified School District hopes academy is first step to high school.

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