National Teachers Strike

Feb 20, 2018 by

Michael F.Shaughnessy –

Seventeen dead in Florida, and many more wounded, and families ripped asunder and education devastated and the scars of many students to linger on for years.

We have lost teachers, we have lost good students, whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Schools have to be made safe again. Somehow, someway.

I encountered the posting below calling for a National Teachers Strike on May 1st. This sounds reasonable to me.

We have heard too much from politicians and their canned drivel that ” their thoughts and their prayers” go out to the families and communities. It has been almost 20 years since Columbine.  Obama was President for 8 years—-WHAT HE DID DO TO MAKE OUR SCHOOLS SAFE OR SAFER ?

Please know that I personally have shed tears for those teachers and students.  But far too little is being done to address the mental health issues of individuals and far too little is being done to ensure the safety of our teachers and students.  Teachers need to be armed and prepared. Teachers need some solidarity and know that they are being heard.  Enough is Enough.

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    James Corcoran

    Arming teachers is nearly as ridiculous a suggestion as arming students. A recent news story indicated that a teacher has already injured a student with shrapnel from a “safety demonstration” and that teacher was already a “trained” carrier. Even veteran police have issues with firearms, firing prematurely, or out of fear, or shooting the wrong person–it’s in the headlines on a regular basis. What happens when a teacher shoots and kills the wrong kid? Is the teacher legally responsible? Is the district? Are the legislators? Is such a death just “collateral damage” that we have to accept? Think this through!

    • Michael F. Shaughnessy
      Michael F. Shaughnessy

      You may want to talk to the parents of the 17 children who were killed in Florida.
      You may want to talk to the friends of the 17 adolescents who were killed in Florida.
      You may want to talk to the relatives of those 17 students killed in Florida.
      You may want to talk to those students from Columbine, who while not shot, witnessed the carnage and suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.
      You may want to talk to the loved ones of the teachers who gave their lives to protect their students.

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