NC and CMS see growth in immigrant students learning English

Dec 5, 2017 by

North Carolina and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools see the ranks of English language learners swell, even as overall enrollment flattens.

The ranks of immigrant students learning English grew by more than 12,000 students across North Carolina this year, with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools leading the list.

The tally, which will be presented to the state Board of Education this week, is another sign of the changing face of public education. Public schools, especially those in the large urban districts, are seeing steep growth in the number of students who need help mastering the language, even as overall enrollment flattens.

For instance: The first-month count of all students in North Carolina districts and charter schools grew by only about 3,500 this year, about two-tenths of a percent. But the count of English learners, taken at the same time, grew by 12,759, or 13 percent.

The trend isn’t limited to North Carolina. Last week McGraw-Hill Education publicized results of an educator survey that indicated the number of English learners is growing rapidly in the South, the Northeast and the Midwest.

EL students make up one of the fastest-growing student populations in the United States, and educators and school leaders have to think differently about how to meet their needs,” said Heath Morrison, who was CMS superintendent from 2012 to 2014 and went on to become an executive with McGraw-Hill.

Source: NC and CMS see growth in immigrant students learning English | Charlotte Observer

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