NCAA Bans All-American Runner Who Participated in Fun Run

Nov 14, 2013 by

The Heavy-handed NCAA was caught up in controversy earlier this year after it banned a military veteran from playing college football simply because he had participated in a few casual games of football with fellow members of the military while enlisted. That decision was eventually overturned.

Now the NCAA has banned all-American runner Jared Ward of BYU because he participated in a fun run in 2009.

“I had to get in a workout that day anyway, so I thought I’d just jump in the race,” Ward said, according to The Blaze. “A lot of the entrants try to get a laugh out of the kids, so they wear costumes. I recall someone wearing a tuxedo and another guy in a bird suit and a monkey or gorilla costume. It’s not uncommon.”

Looks like the NCAA has yet another rules controversy on its hands. Did jogging around with a bunch of guys in gorilla suits four years ago really give Ward an unfair advantage in his sport? But in this case it seems like common sense is not being utilized at the NCAA.

NCAA Bans All-American Runner Who Participated in Fun Run.

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