NCLB: No Chance for Latinos and Blacks

Nov 15, 2011 by

Kenneth J. Bernstein – That is the title of this powerful post by fellow educational blogger David Ginsburg.

I want you to go read it, and pass it on.

To give you a sense, allow me to offer this selection, what David notes about the impact of NCLB for students of color in many American schools (and I apologize that my formatting is not exactly identical):

– cutting back writing (forget about the three Rs–in many schools there are now only two)- using extrinsic motivators–from rewards to threats–to try to get students to do their best on a test

– deciding whether or not to expel delinquent students based on their likelihood to achieve proficient test score

– providing tutoring and other individualized services for on-the-bubble students who were just short of a proficient score the previous year, while neglecting the most deficient and most advanced students

– preventing students from taking advanced classes if the content wouldn’t be on the test

– investing in technology but only using it for test prep

– enabling students’ self-defeating behavior

– holding teachers accountable for results without providing them the support they need to achieve those results

Now you have a sense what you will encounter.

Please go read.

Then make sure others do as well, either by passing on the direct link for David’s post, or if you want to entice them, the link for this.

Whatever you, thanks in advance.


via Daily Kos: NCLB: No Chance for Latinos and Blacks.

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