NEA producing TV and internet ads blaming GOP for federal shutdown

Oct 15, 2013 by

WASHINGTON, D.C. – It’s humorous to hear the leaders of American teachers unions complain about the criticism they take from education reformers and Republican lawmakers.

They moan about how their critics are “attacking teachers.”

It’s like listening to the Palestinians complain about military attacks from the Israelis. The fact is that is takes two to fight.

The nation’s two dominant teachers unions are the most political organizations in the nation, and they aim all of their poisonous darts at Republicans. If the millions of dollars they spend on Democratic candidates every election cycle is not proof enough, just look at the partisan positions they take.

The latest example is the National Education Association’s “six figure TV and online ad buy” putting all the blame on “tea party Republicans” for the partial shutdown of the federal government. The ads will run in Washington D.C. and four states, and will specifically attack four GOP congressmen from those states, according to a report from Yahoo News.

We’re guessing those four congressmen are considered vulnerable in the coming election, and the NEA wants to use this issue to help their opponents.

“The ads accuse Republicans of playing a political ‘game’ that’s resulting in crippling cuts to education,” the news report said.

We wonder if NEA leaders understand that our national debt has risen above $17 trillion. We wonder if they realize how much Obamacare will cost the nation, resulting in higher annual deficits and an even larger national debt.

A few members of Congress – most of them Republicans – are trying to take a stand for fiscal sanity before it’s too late, but that means nothing to the NEA.

This left-wing organization is all about non-stop government taxing and spending, until an economic train wreck occurs. We suspect the union would actually welcome an economic disaster, offering it as “evidence” that capitalism doesn’t work and all private ownership of business and property should be abolished.

Luckily the polls show that millions of Americans have caught on to the teachers unions and their self-serving political games. Union thugs continue to masquerade as education advocates, but most people finally see through their costumes.

NEA producing TV and internet ads blaming GOP for federal shutdown – powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc..

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