NEA stands against religious freedom

Jul 23, 2015 by

At their annual meeting this month in Florida, the nation’s largest teachers’ union voted on a policy to oppose religious freedom restoration acts – or RFRAs.

In Orlando, Florida, the National Education Association delegates passed a policy whereby they will officially oppose RFRAs because they see such acts as providing individuals and corporations a “license to discriminate” against homosexuals. Linda Harvey of Mission America says the organization isn’t stopping with just passing a policy.

“They’ll be using the force of their millions of dollars in dues and their contributions to political candidates for political action to oppose RFRAs in the state legislatures,” Harvey says. “So, this isn’t just something they communicate in schools.”

She says the argument that the acts are a license to discriminate against “gay” individuals is inaccurate, but it’s one the union keeps repeating.

“That’s the talking point that’s been distributed by GLAAD [and] by the Human Rights Campaign,” she tells OneNewsNow. “They’re just picking right up on it, and its all pro-homosexual and pro-transgender policymaking. And they’re encouraging their state affiliates and schools to adopt those policies as well.”

Harvey describes the action against RFRAs as “just the latest in radical leftist political action” by the NEA.

Rather than sitting on the sidelines, she urges parents to call their schools and to tell them to disassociate themselves from the NEA.

In late June, the NEA applauded the Supreme Court’s ruling imposing same-sex “marriage” in all 50 states. In similar fashion, the union stated the high court’s ruling will end “discrimination” against same-sex couples.


Source: NEA stands against religious freedom

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