Neovouchers: The debate continues

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edcutsBy Kevin Welner –

In response to my March 2nd post on the Answer Sheet, Mr. Bedrick of the Cato Institute posted a “rejoinder” on the Hoover Institution’s Education Next blog. Below, I respond directly to some of the claims made by Mr. Bedrick. But I first want to point out why this issue is important.

Generally speaking, Americans know what vouchers are. Cleveland and Milwaukee have had conventional voucher plans for decades. Ballot initiatives to institute conventional vouchers have been voted on (and, I believe, always defeated) in many states. But most of us know little or nothing about neovouchers.

Yet for every conventional voucher used in the US, there are about two neovouchers used. In a chapter of the 2012 book, “Exploring the School Choice Universe,” Gary Miron and I estimated that in 2011 over 120,000 neovouchers were issued, while fewer than 70,000 conventional vouchers were issued.

So it is important for the public to understand the nature and use of neovoucher policies.

There appear to be three main issues that have emerged from this exchange:

via Neovouchers: The debate continues.

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