For Nepal’s kids, earthquakes break school rhythms

May 13, 2015 by

April’s deadly tremor left around 1 million Nepali students without classrooms. And today’s magnitude-7.4 temblor has further shaken efforts to restore the country’s education system.

By Bikash Sangraula –

This week, Nepal was hoping to register another step toward normalcy.

Three weeks after the country was ravaged by a magnitude-7.8 earthquake that killed more than 8,000 people, children were set to return to schools Friday to resume their interrupted education.

But a major new quake today, reaching magnitude 7.4, has thrown those plans back into disarray.

The fresh jolt has severely dented the confidence of parents already hesitant to let their children out of their sight, putting new pressure on educators to find ways to get children back on track.

The government says the first quake last month destroyed around 15,000 classrooms, which, according to UNICEF, has left about 1 million children without classrooms to return to. And after Tuesday’s quake, another assessment is needed of the condition of school infrastructure in affected districts, says Education Ministry spokesman Hari Lamsal. “The school closure will be extended for another week or two.”

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