Net neutrality rollback tests mettle of small and low-income schools

Jun 12, 2018 by

By Noble Ingram

Teachers use the internet in class to increase student engagement, connect with others around the globe, and usher students into an increasingly digital world. That’s why schools are concerned when they hear the list of possible impacts from the June 11 reversal of net neutrality: price hikes, limited access, slow loading speeds for sites that can’t pay higher rates in order to be prioritized. In particular, educators from rural and low-income schools – most of whom have only recently secured reliable broadband access – are now strategizing how to sidestep potential setbacks. For many of these schools, the answer lies in sharpening their negotiating skills with providers and banding together in larger networks. “Our school systems are cash-strapped already,” says Kimberly Longey, a resident of a small community and chief operating officer at Free Press, an open internet advocacy group. “If they have to pay a premium to access content to provide even just a basic educational environment, never mind trying to strive for excellence … that content is very likely to go.”


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