Networks censor rape story involving illegal immigrant, but gave 11 minutes in two days to fake UVA rape

Mar 23, 2017 by

The “big three” networks — ABC, CBS, and NBC — continued their shameful blackout into Wednesday night of the horrifying rape of a teenage girl in a Maryland high school bathroom, allegedly by two men, including one who police say is in the U.S. illegally.

Instead, the pathetic liberal media that’s shown no interest in the Rockville High School case complied with Rolling Stone in giving more than 10 minutes of coverage in two days to the fake 2014 claim that a University of Virginia fraternity gang-raped a female student.

Before breaking down how blind the media were in furthering a narrative about college fraternities and sexual assault (which can be a noble cause), the pro-illegal immigrant media were surely displeased with the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” as it again offered a story on the events in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Fill-in host James Rosen noted that “the Maryland State House of Delegates has approved a bill to make Maryland a sanctuary state…just days after Maryland authorities charged two immigrants, one of them confirmed to be here illegally, in the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl in a Rockville High School bathroom.

Correspondent Doug McKelway provided the latest from the school and told viewers how the cowards with the school district banned TV cameras from Tuesday’s packed PTA meeting as “[t]he red-hot controversy…lit up social media.”

McKelway also noted how the school district has shifted their focus from the rape to blaming average citizens for being outraged about how such a thing could have happened.

At the same time, local and state Democrats went ahead with their desire to make Rockville and Maryland a sanctuary city and state, respectively. This was despite strong opposition from Republican Gov. Larry Hogan.

This lack of seriousness by the liberal media was no issue back in fall 2014 when Rolling Stone detailed a graphic gang rape of a young woman at a University of Virginia fraternity.

Without corroborating any of the facts, ABC’s “World News Tonight” spent 4 minutes and 30 seconds on the allegations on November 23 and 24 of that year. “NBC Nightly News” and serial liar Brian Williams had 4 minutes and 16 seconds over those same two days. “CBS Evening Newswas third with a single, 1-minute-and-56-second segment on the 24th.

I initially wrote about this on December 6, 2014, after it had become clear that the Rolling Stone story wasn’t true and, you know, fake news.

In that post, I noted that the coverage total was much higher, but I included opening teases for the newscasts. The coverage by the same evening newscasts was far lower on Dec. 5, 2014, about the rape being fake news to the tune of 7 minutes and 28 seconds.

Funny how that works whenever the liberal media is discovered to have egg on their faces.

Source: Networks censor rape story involving illegal immigrant, but gave 11 minutes in two days to fake UVA rape | Fox News

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