Nevada Judge Presented with 20 Binders of Election Evidence

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“Nevada Judge Presented with 20 Binders of Election Evidence”

From Donna Garner


On 12.3.20, the GOP presented to Nevada Judge James Russell 20 binders containing 8,000 pages of evidence about what took place in the Nevada elections.

Approximately 42,000 voters “voted twice” in Nevada, 2,468 voters legally changed their addresses to another country or state, 1,500 voters were listed as deceased by the Social Security Administration, about 20,000 voters had a non-Nevada mailing address, and 6,000 voters who had U.S. Postal Service “flags” on “vacant addresses.”

The evidence about voter records was partially obtained via DMV records.

To see the 20 binders of evidence, please go to this Twitter link:

We who love our wonderful country should be very appreciative of the countless hours these lawyers and everyday citizens have spent combing through all of these voter records, piles of evidence, and vaults of DMV files; putting together a database of people who personally saw graft and corruption; gathering their sworn affidavits, interviewing them, verifying their credibility and information; flying around the country to present their evidence – all done in four short weeks.

Normally such legal briefs take months to prepare when confronted with only one state’s corruption, but never in the history of our country have we seen such widespread voter fraud committed in multiple states across our entire nation.

Evil is indeed in our midst caused by the Dems who had carefully crafted this plan to destroy America as we know it.  The good news is that the “light of day” is being shed on their evil plan, and the “dam is now breaking.”

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