Nevada Legislature Embraces the Way of the Future

Jun 1, 2015 by


by Matthew Ladner –

Silver State lawmakers have sent an account-based choice bill to Governor Sandoval. With a signature Nevada will have the most robust parental choice program in the country. All students having previously attended public schools will be eligible to receive a use-restricted account to pursue their K-12 education under state oversight.  Bill specifics from FF. No existing law can match this measure’s combination of broad eligibility and multiple uses- education choice, not just school choice.

Jason Bedrick has some useful details about why this is an especially great policy for Nevada (Las Vegas public schools = deluged with enrollment growth).  The Nevada Constitution guarantees public education, it’s not going anywhere, and it needs all the help it can get. The overwhelming experience of previous choice programs demonstrates that there will be no mad exodus. Instead the program will take the edge off of a crushing rate of public school enrollment growth and create a crucial exit option that will provide positive pressure to improve.

Nevada lawmakers have made history-an experiment in liberty giving parents the ability to customize the education of their child. Big problems require bold leadership: hats off to Silver State legislators! Congrats also to the #Team ESA folks scattered across multiple organizations who worked so hard and effectively on this effort.

Source: Nevada Legislature Embraces the Way of the Future | Jay P. Greene’s Blog

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