Nevada Picks New Vendor After Common Core Testing Debacle

Aug 12, 2015 by


CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) – Nevada officials have awarded a $51 million, four-year contract to a new test maker after a Common Core assessments debacle halted the mandatory online exams this year.

The state Board of Examiners voted Tuesday in favor of a deal with California-based CTB/McGraw-Hill. The company has facilitated testing in other states, including large districts in Pennsylvania and in far-flung rural areas of Alaska.

Nevada had used the vendor Measured Progress to implement federally-mandated standardized testing for the last decade, but cut ties with the company after the major outage.

Board of Examiners Chairman Gov. Brian Sandoval said testing problems this spring did a disservice to students and parents, and said failure wasn’t an option this time around.

State officials say they’re negotiating a settlement with Measured Progress over the testing problems.

Source: Nevada Picks New Vendor After Common Core Testing Debacle

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