New Book on Teacher Stress Unveils Teachers’ Humanity

Mar 12, 2018 by

Let’s face it, all humans will encounter challenges in life and America’s teachers are no different. In Teacher Confidential: Personal Stories of Stress, Self-Care, and Resilience (2018), editor Dr. Valerie Hill-Jackson compiles non-fiction essays in the voices of PreK-16 educators. This volume highlights the other side of teacher stress; pressures experienced outside of the classroom. The seven educators in this book embrace vulnerability and share their stories on such topics as: the death of a spouse, workplace bullying and the failed induction of a first-year passionate teacher, domestic abuse that ends in divorce, job dissatisfaction that transforms to joy, finding gratitude for teaching in the face of a cancer diagnosis, the road to weight loss and healthy living, and coming out as a gay educator. These are stirring accounts of humanity and strength that may encourage other teachers to reflect more deeply on their own personal lives outside of the classroom. Teacher Confidential straddles the theoretical and practical worlds by offering relatable stories on educators’ subjective realities with a nod toward our scholarly sensibilities. 
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