New career-readiness program to debut at Crenshaw High this fall

May 6, 2021 by

This coming school year, students in Crenshaw High School’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Medicine magnet program will have the opportunity to participate in a new initiative aimed at exposing students to business professionals and setting them up with an internship their senior year, the Los Angeles Unified School District announced on Wednesday, May 5.

The launch of the Three Dimensional Education (3DE) program, in partnership with Junior Achievement of Southern California, will mark the first time this program will be in a California school. 3DE programs already exist in five other states.

At Crenshaw, students in the four-year program will receive mentoring from business professionals while developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills. During their freshman year, students will take part in “case challenges” centered around businesses such as Delta Airlines and NBCUniversal. In their senior year, they’ll have a chance to participate in semester-long internships to gain workplace experience.

“This effort combines a collaborative team of teachers with real world experiences students will study and mentorship from experienced business professionals,” said Superintendent Austin Beutner. “We’ve seen great results from this approach in other parts of the country. I know the team at Crenshaw will create something truly special for students.”

The first 3DE program launched in Georgia in August 2015. Participating schools have seen improvements in student engagement, academic outcomes and graduation rates.

Source: New career-readiness program to debut at Crenshaw High this fall – Daily News

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