New School? No Problem: Settling In Successfully

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Whatever the age of your children are, it can be a challenge for both parent and child to begin life in a new school successfully; however, a bit of preparation can go a long way. Ensuring that you’re all set for what the new school may bring, will help your kids (and the rest of your family) to settle into their routine and stay as happy, active, and as healthy as possible. The following are some tips and tricks that you can start thinking about ASAP, so that back to school will be a smooth and stress-free process, for both kids and grown-ups.

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New Routine? Start As You Mean To Go On

The sooner you get into a decent meal and sleeping routine; the easier it will be for young minds to adjust to getting up for school with a spring in their step. Try and reduce the number of late nights and midnight snacks towards the end of their free time during weekends and holidays, so that you’re back into great habits for each weekday, and everyone’s feeling refreshed and ready.

Meals are another thing that can affect how a child feels and functions; getting them up early for school, and feeding them a balanced breakfast will help their body to adjust to somewhat overwhelming mornings. Again, utilize free time; encourage your kids to an early start, plenty of activities in the day, and an early night in the evening. They’ll be worn out from the physical exercise and won’t be restless at bedtime, unlike if they’ve been sitting watching T.V all day. Contact other parents and those with strong links to the school; this will  not only help you to settle-in your child, but you’ll feel confident to participate in the school community. Whether you can assist with school website design ideas or a holiday charity bake sale; get involved, network, and build on relationships.

Fresh Worries? Prepare For The Tough Times

It’s always a smart idea to fill your kids up on vitamin-packed meals, with the aim of nourishing their developing immune systems. Schools are breeding grounds for germs, and as the cooler weather begins to set in; infections and viruses will spread quickly. Ensuring that you little ones have plenty of fresh fruit and veg each day will fill them with antioxidants and germ fighting vitamins and minerals, so they can put up a strong fight against and colds and sniffles that are passed around in the playground.

Make sure that you’re able to speak to a doctor with ease, for those sick days when it’s too difficult to travel to your local doctors, or you simply can’t get an appointment. Knowing that you have access to healthcare and medical advice in the palm of your hand should give you some peace of mind throughout the school year. Try to keep an open line of communication with your children and their teachers; this will allow you to take action if things go awry, or if they need help adjusting to a new start. Anything you put in place now, to ease the school transition, will help to ensure that the whole family has a happy and successful start to a brand new place, and school life will run as smoothly as possible.

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