New SD superintendent shuffles staff

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Some question revisions made by Marten

When incoming Superintendent Cindy Marten takes her new job as the head of San Diego Unified on July 1, she will have arranged the central office just the way she wants it.

The school board on Tuesday night unanimously approved Marten’s reorganization plan, which she said puts the needs of children and classrooms at the center of district operations as she seeks to create a quality school in every neighborhood.

Although her proposed plan had a price tag of $718,800, Marten said she cut the cost to about $231,000 by eliminating one position overall and canceling some professional development contracts and instead having the training and support services provided in-house.

The reorganization also creates new titles for some district leaders, including changing Marten’s position from superintendent of schools to superintendent of public education.

“This board unanimously hired a superintendent who is going to focus completely on improving the academic environment of this district, holding everyone accountable in this district and ensuring they are not only creating students who are better educated but students who are active participants in their communities,” Trustee Scott Barnett said before the vote. “The reorganization, I think, clearly shows the priority of this new superintendent and the board by putting the focus on kids first.”

Some speakers voiced concerns about the reorganization, saying the district should restore programs and meet the needs of classroom teachers before devoting resources to administrative functions.

Trustee Kevin Beiser said he was glad to see some of the district’s outsourcing contracts being eliminated, but wanted to have the general fund cost of Marten’s reorganization whittled down to zero.

“I’m supporting a budget-neutral reorganization, and I know we can do that,” Beiser said.

Under the revamp, the district’s central office leaders will include: Barbara Allen, chief information and technology officer; Sid Salazar, assistant superintendent, quality neighborhood schools; Theresa Walter, executive director, teaching and learning; Jim Solo, executive director, leadership development; Moises Aguirre, executive director, district relations; Robert Grano, director, education technology; Jennifer White, director, leadership development; Mildred Phillips, director, secondary schools redesign.

New titles will also go to Nellie Meyer, who is now the district’s deputy superintendent for school support services instead of deputy superintendent of academics; and Phil Stover, who is deputy superintendent for business support instead of deputy superintendent of business.

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