New US Labor Secretary

Oct 7, 2019 by

The US Senate recently confirmed our new (anti) US Labor Secretary, Eugene Scalia.

He is a malevolently pious opponent of rest periods for workers and an indefatigable advocate for legally pushing them to the brink of collapse in the interest of productivity and watching them closely for laziness syndrome.

He supports the resistance of financial brokers to regulations that require them to act in good-faith when counseling their clients on retirement options. He is an upholder of corporate prerogatives and a  bag-man for union-busters

He never is tempted to give corporations the “benefit of the doubt” because he never doubts them.

He views corporations as infallible when dictating gospel for the workplace. If corporations were people, Eugene Scalia would be a “people person” par excellence. 

He’s that sinister.

He has a deep-seated loathing of collective bargaining, but he doesn’t see that as relevant to his position since he can’t fathom any justified link of organized labor to labor. itself.

He has a history of  scorning the parenting skills and rights of lesbian couples.

Mr. Scalia is not without core convictions, however. 

When a worker at Sea World in Florida was killed while on duty, he appealed the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) finding of employer responsibility. The upshot of his view was that victims of accidents should learn to be more careful  in their next life and not blame others when the fault is in their stars and themselves.

Eugene Scalia succeeds Alexander Acosta, another unctuous ogre to labor.  He is the son of the late US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who as a distinguished jurist, enamored himself to fellow lovers of opera and dogs.

Ron Isaac

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