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“Newly Released FISA Warrants — Not a Nothing-Burger”

By Donna Garner



Please do not let the leftist news media convince you that the newly released FISA warrants are a “nothing burger.” They are filled with “meat.”


In both July 2017 and Feb. 2018, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits against the Dept. of Justice to force them to release the wording in the four FISA warrants — the original warrant and the three renewal applications. Why are those FISA warrants important…they became the “root” out of which the Mueller/Trump/Russian “collusion” investigation grew. The Mueller investigation has produced no evidence of any kind that Pres. Trump “colluded” with the Russians to corrupt the 2016 Presidential elections.


The 412 pages of top secret FISA documents (even though heavily blacked out — redacted) were released in a “document dump” late Friday afternoon on 7.20.18. They clearly show that for the DOJ/FBI to get warrants from the FISA judges to allow them to surveil the Trump campaign, false information was presented to the judges.


The completely unverified dossier (referred to as “Source #1” in the original FISA warrant) was bought and paid for by the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton. The dossier became the key piece of fake information in the FISA warrant, yet the FISA judges were never told that the DNC/Hillary paid for the dossier.


At no time in history has one political campaign (Hillary’s) targeted another political campaign (Trump’s) by using FISA warrants to surveil the opposition candidate; and the security tools of the DOJ/FBI were utilized against Trump. This is called “weaponizing” and is frequently seen in Third World countries to overthrow a dictator. In the case of Trump, he was duly elected by the American people; therefore, this coup was meant to overthrow the people’s choice in a democratic republic!


From where did the dossier come? Christopher Steele, a former British spy, wrote the dossier that contained salacious [“pee-gate”] and highly uncorroborated allegations against Trump and members of his campaign (e.g., Carter Page). After 1 ½ years of this “witch hunt” and over $17 Million of taxpayers’ hard-earned money, none of the Russian “collusion” charges have been proven to be true. 


Interestingly enough, the names of the FISA judges were released in the 412 page document dump; but the names of the FBI/DOJ agents were blackened out (redacted). In other words, the DOJ/FBI, that decided exactly what to let the American people see, chose to “cover their own tracks.”


In the FISA warrants, the DOJ/FBI clearly state to the FISA judges that all of the information in the warrants has been verified even though newspaper articles (also leaked to the press by the same lying source — Christopher Steele) were included as part of the “evidence.”



Because of the just-released FISA warrants, now we know for sure:


False information bought and paid for by the DNC/Hillary campaign became the basis for the FISA warrants.


The FISA warrants were used by the DOJ/FBI to justify appointing Mueller to investigate Trump and his campaign.


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein signed off on the FISA warrants; by his signature, he was swearing to the FISA judges that all of the information in the warrants was valid and that an investigation into Trump and Russian “collusion” should be done.


When feckless Attorney General Jeff Sessions took the cowardly way out and recused himself from investigating Trump, Deputy General Rod Rosenstein stepped in and appointed Robert Mueller.


In essence, Rod Rosenstein is Robert Mueller’s boss; and their friendship goes back as least as far as 1990 when they worked together at the DOJ.




*OBAMA — President from 1.20.09 until 1.20.17


*JAMES CLAPPER — Dir. of National Intelligence — under Obama


*JOHN BRENNAN — Dir. of CIA — under Obama


*LORETTA LYNCH — Attorney General — under Obama


*ANDREW MC CABE — Dep. Dir. of FBI — took over for one year under Pres. Trump — was fired for leaking and lying


*CHRIS WRAY — current Dir. of FBI — worked under Dep. AG James Comey in Pres. G. W. Bush’s administration


*ROD ROSENSTEIN — current Dep. Dir. of DOJ — worked with Robert Mueller at DOJ


*ROBERT MUELLER — appointed by Rod Rosenstein to conduct investigation of possible “collusion” by Pres. Trump with Russia


*JAMES COMEY — Dir. of FBI — appointed by Obama, fired by Pres. Trump for incompetence, for leaking, and for politicizing the FBI to get Hillary elected as Pres.


It was FBI Dir. James Comey who revealed to the public on 7.5.16 that Hillary had leaked 110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains on an unsecured server that were picked up by rogue nations:


110 e-mails in 52 chains – Classified at the time

8 e-mails – Top Secret at the time

36 e-mails — Secret at the time

8 e-mails — Confidential at the time


Then Comey promptly announced (without having the authority to make such a decision) that no criminal charges should be filed against Hillary; and she was allowed to continue her run for the Presidency in Nov. 2016.

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