Nicky Morgan: Labour downgraded value of qualifications

Nov 4, 2015 by

Education secretary accuses Labour government of ‘tacit snobbery’ in designing courses unfit for jobs market

The education secretary, Nicky Morgan, has attacked the quality of educational qualifications before 2010, accusing policymakers of deceiving young people through grade inflation and “worthless certificates” instead of giving children access to high quality education.

In her first major policy speech since the election, Morgan denounced previous governments as “driven by tacit snobbery” in designing courses they would never consider for their ownchildren.

“Rather than giving children from poor families access to great education, they instead created a new cadre of pseudo qualifications, which claimed to be equivalent to academic qualifications,” Morgan said, in barbs aimed at the raft of changes and qualifications created under the last Labour government.

“Teenagers got more certificates, and school results seemed to improve. But the qualifications weren’t credible in the jobs market – they weren’t real. They were, to be frank, a fraud on the young people taking them.”

Source: Nicky Morgan: Labour downgraded value of qualifications | Education | The Guardian

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