Nicky Morgan urges government not to withdraw school funding plans

Mar 14, 2017 by

Former education secretary says draft for overhauling system is not quite right, but doesn’t want government to abandon plans in face of opposition

Former education secretary Nicky Morgan has called on the government not to abandon its commitment to a new national funding formula for schools, despite widespread opposition from fellow Conservative backbenchers.

Morgan, who first launched the government’s plans to overhaul school funding during her time at the Department for Education (DfE), said it was clear the formula in its current draft was not yet right. She added however: “I still think it’s the right thing to do.”

Her comments on Tuesday followed a report in the Times that the government may be forced to withdraw its plans because of the strength of opposition from within Tory ranks. A government source said the report was “lobbying dressed up as news”.

Morgan, who was replaced as education secretary in July last year by Justine Greening, said ministers were already heavily committed with Brexit, and within the education department with the consultation for increasing the number grammar schools.

“I can see with all the news going on why they might think, ‘Is this one thing we don’t really need?’ But that would be unfortunate for those schools which have lost out for many years,” she told the Guardian.

The MP for Loughborough said under the proposed formula substantial discrepancies between some schools in her county of Leicestershire and much better funded schools in the city of Leicester were set to get worse.

Source: Nicky Morgan urges government not to withdraw school funding plans | Education | The Guardian

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