Nikolai Vitti settles in, puts clout to test

Jul 13, 2017 by

The battles that have been fought over the years in public education in Detroit have centered on many issues: unbearable classroom sizes, inadequate and uncertified teachers to unsanitary buildings and awry, unjust or misguided financial decisions.

Besides those reasons, the issue of top-heavy administrations at a cost of millions of tax dollars in salaries was always an issue for public school advocates.

The question was how could a cash-strapped district that claims to be fiscally responsible, continue to add layers to its bureaucracy with often costly appointments upon appointments at district headquarters?

Well, Nikolai Vitti, the new superintendent of the Detroit Public School Community District, has issued a declarative “no” to that way of doing business in the district in one of his first major decisions as head of the 45,000-student body.

Vitti, recently announced a cost-cutting measure — eliminating 70 jobs — that includes dozens of administrative positions at the central office that will save $5 million.

Funds from some of those positions, including instructional specialists and certified teachers who were working at the curriculum department, will be redirected to fill teacher vacancies in classrooms.

Source: Bankole: Nikolai Vitti settles in, puts clout to test

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