No, Massachusetts Has Not Dropped Common Core

Nov 25, 2015 by

By Shane Vander Hart –

It seems like people are confused about what the Massachusetts State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education actually did.  This month Massachusetts Education Commissioner Mitchell Chester recommended that Massachusetts adopt a hybrid PARCC-MCAS assessment.  The Board approved that recommendation.

The assessment will be aligned to the Common Core State Standards.  The standards have not been changed.  They will still be assessed.  They will still drive curriculum.  The test will still include elements of PARCC.

Is this a hit to PARCC?  Absolutely, but let’s not go overboard on what this actually accomplishes. One could say it is a small steps, but these headlines below are confusing.

These folks should know better so that is discouraging. So I want to be clear – Massachusetts has not dropped Common Core. They have not given up on Common Core. They gave up on PARCC (sort of).

Source: No, Massachusetts Has Not Dropped Common Core | Truth in American Education

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