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Robert W. Sweet, Jr.
The National Right to Read Foundation

Denise Eide has successfully answered the oft quoted, and false statement that “English spelling is inconsistent, illogical, and, for some, impossible to learn.” She has taken a complex subject, made it understandable, and provided a step-by-step process to teach ANYONE to read proficiently. There is no longer any excuse for a student schooled in America, whether at home or in a public or private setting, not to learn to read by the time they complete first grade. There can no longer be any reason that a middle school student, or an adult who was mis-taught cannot be rescued and re-taught to read proficiently.

Who needs to read and understand and apply the irrefutable information in Uncovering the Logic of English?

* Professors in every college of education where elementary school teachers are being prepared to teach kindergarten, first, and second graders to read. Today, the overwhelming “philosophy” of reading instruction is based on the false and harmful belief that students learn to read the way they learn to speak. NOT SO…learning to read is a skill to be learned, just like one learns to play the piano, or the harp, or build a house. It requires a step-by-step set of rules that must be mastered if one is to become a good pianist, or harpist, or carpenter.

* Reading Teachers. Sad to say, the giant publishing companies in America (four of which control 75% of the textbook market) do not measure the methods of instruction they present against such information as that included in Uncovering the Logic of English. Thus our illiteracy rates in America continue to burgeon each year…students are placed in Special Education, or drop out of school, or are underachievers, simply because their teachers were never taught the basic logic of the English language.

* Home School Moms are probably the most savvy of all the teachers in America because they have not been taught the harmful teaching “strategies” of whole language. There are many products that can be used to teach students to read, but Uncovering the Logic of English will be one of the most effective, simple to use, and yet least expensive teaching tools available today.

* Education Writers in popular periodicals or news outlets need to read this book. It will provide a basis for offering “a real solution” the next time another report is released noting poor student reading achievement and calling for yet more dollars to be spent repeating ineffective “strategies” while countless students plunge into a lifetime of failure or greatly limited possibilities.

  • TV and Radio Talk Show Hosts often pontificate about the low achievement of students in our schools, but usually offer no alternative solutions. This book offers some excellent quotes that will resonate with the American public. Here are a few examples:
    • There are a finite number of tools that unlock the mystery of 98% of the words in the English language. When these 104 tools are presented, all students can succeed.
    • There are “26 letters in the English alphabet, that represent 44 sounds, and there are 74 ways to spell those sounds and 30 ‘rules’ that when applied make complete sense out of learning English.”
    • Think of English as a complex language puzzle. Once students discover the patterns and realize they are consistent, they will have the tools not only to read and spell in English, but to tackle other languages as well.
    • The difference between the literate and the illiterate is that the literate blame the problems on English, but the illiterate blame themselves. We cannot know what we were never taught.”
    • At a time in history when our economy relies on advancements in science and engineering, we cannot afford to impair our most gifted citizens by not teaching them English in a manner that respects how their minds work.”

If these tools are learned in first grade or no later than third grade then all students can read what they can talk about and understand.

* Everyone Else who cares about the unacceptable illiteracy rate in America should read this book. You will find, as I did, that there are many helpful, interesting, and practical “rules of the road” that you will find fascinating as you explore your language.

There is no magic involved here. It is simply applying what has been known since Hornbooks, The New England Primer, and Noah Webster’s Blue Backed Speller were used to teach a nation to read proficiently, with fluency and comprehension.

Finally, I was deeply touched by the comments of a “tough as nails” 70 year old Electrical Engineer who reviewed Uncovering the Logic of English on I want to repeat some of his comments to close this article. It takes this issue out of the theoretical and makes it personal. Here are some of Jack’s comments:

I was at the L-Abri Conference 2011 held in Rochester, MN when an announcement was made that Denise Eide was available in the lobby to discuss her new book. When I found her table, stacked high with copies of her book, she was deeply engrossed in a conversation with others – so I pressed the money into her hand, smiled, and strode off with a copy of Uncovering the Logic of English. A few hours later I began to read…a deep well of pain and humiliation was tapped – with tears flowing I read on and on.”

The next day I returned to Denise and her table of books. As she finished up her conversation with another visitor she turned to me, ‘How can I help you?’ she asked. ‘I’ve been reading your book, I said. Then she looked into my eyes and ‘she knew. I encourage you to read this book, and I am sure you will come to appreciate the potential for redeeming those that are shattered and heartbroken.”

Perhaps now the American public will dig their heels in and demand that our children be taught the logic of English.

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