No Shows for Sharpton, Beyonce, Jay-Z Draw a few NYC Trayvon Rally

Jul 21, 2013 by

The big push for anti-white protest is dead as a door nail considering this isn’t the sixties stop wasting our time!

With Al Sharpton organizing marches throughout the country, “hundreds” showed up for the “Justice For Trayvon” march in Manhattan on July 20. The rally was one of 101 that Sharpton planned around the nation.

Joined by Jay-Z , Beyonce, and Trayvon’s mother Sabrina Fulton, those in attendance carried signs that read “17 And Unarmed: RIP Travyon” and “Racisms [sic] Still Alive: They Just Be [sic] Concealing It,” according to pictures posted by the New York Post.

Speaking to the rally attendees, Sharpton said: “Today, all over the country, we’re standing up. But nobody does it like New York.” He also acknowledged Jay-Z and Beyonce as “two of the baddest artists that’s ever been.”

At a rally earlier in the day in Harlem, Trayvon Martin’s mother said: “George Zimmerman started the fight and George Zimmerman ended the fight. My son died without even knowing who his killer was…Today it was my son, tomorrow it might be yours.”

via Sharpton, Beyonce, Jay-Z Draw ‘Hundreds’ to NYC Trayvon Rally.

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