No Steak So Rare As This Justice.

Feb 24, 2019 by

There have been 55 percent more murders in New York City than for the same time period last year. Among 10 precincts, shootings have skyrocketed almost 70 percent. There have been 5 times as many homicides there as there were last year to date.

These statistics are reported yesterday in a tiny article in The Post and there is no editorial commentary upon their significance. No finger-pointing at police officers or policy enforcement. Nobody is asking what is wrong with the way they’re doing their jobs, whether they are incompetent and can’t be disciplined because management is hamstrung by restrictive labor contracts, etc.

That’s right and as it should be.

There are spikes that occur for various and often complex reasons that are beyond the control of the police and therefore do not reflect any dysfunction by them. The entire situation will be analyzed and adjustments made as necessary in order to bring the disturbing data down.  Calm heads will prevail and action will be taken by the professionals in the field.

But if there were the equivalent or even far milder negative data released that pertained to public school education rather than law-enforcement, such as reflecting deterioration in test results or graduation and suspension rates, it would have been plastered over the front page news and there would have been intensely-worded editorials condemning the school system as endemically rotten.

Teachers would have been blamed and their union falsely implicated directly or by innuendo. The coverage would have been vastly different in tone and substance.
It would be wrong to condemn the NYPD for the shocking skyrocketing of violent felonies. It is, to say the least, just as unjustified to damn teachers, their union or in most cases the Department of Education for relatively minor glitches in their operational results.

Ron Isaac

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