Is North Carolina unfair to girls who want to be high school athletes?

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Is North Carolina behind the times when it comes to providing opportunities for girls to play sports?

A new study, released last month by the National Women’s Law Center, showed North Carolina had one of the widest “gender equity” gaps in the nation. It ranked 44th among all states.

Nearly 4,500 of 16,000 schools examined nationally had what the center called large gaps, meaning there was a difference of at least 10 percentage points between the spots allocated to girls on sports teams and the percentage of girls in the student body.

For instance, if a school’s enrollment is 50 percent girls, but only 35 percent of the school’s athletes are female, that school would have a 15 percentage-point gap.

In North Carolina – where girls’ participation in high school athletics has nearly tripled since 1990 – 47.3 percent of schools surveyed had what the center considered a large gap.

Source: Is North Carolina unfair to girls who want to be high school athletes? | The Charlotte Observer The Charlotte Observer

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    Are we now going to FORCE kids to be in sports? Must everything be a QUOTA to meet? What happened to FREEDOM to be who you are as an INDIVIDUAL?

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