North Hollywood High School students head to national cybersecurity competition

Apr 8, 2019 by

By Elizabeth Chou –

When people say teenagers these days are Internet savvy, they may not be imagining the team of network security whizzes North Hollywood High School is sending to the CyberPatriot national competition in Baltimore this week.

While the average young person may be expert at using social media and phone apps, the members of Team Mendenhall — named after the ice glacier home of their school’s mascot, the Huskies — know how to handle what’s “under the hood,” so to speak, of the Internet. And with that knowledge, they plan to outwit hackers trying to breach the network systems of major corporations, large organizations and governments.

North Hollywood High School’s Team Mendenhall’s coach Jay Gehringer, right, introduces the team’s members, Sean Cho, 17, from left, Thomas Panenko, 17, Sam Kazimirowicz, 17, Glen Husman, 17, and team captain Hangyul Lyna Kim, 17, during their pep rally at North Hollywood High School in North Hollywood on Friday, April 05, 2019. The five-member Team Mendenhall is set to compete in Baltimore in the top 12 of the Finals of CyberPatriot: The National Student Cyber Defense Competition.

Or at least, that is the typical set-up for an event of the annual CyberPatriot championships, where North Hollywood’s team will go up against about 6,400 teams from across the country on Tuesday.

In the pressure-cooker contest, teams score points by defending networks against an escalating series of attacks from a “red team” of industry professionals and graduate students posing as hackers. This type of competition is modeled after what industry professionals also engage in to find security vulnerabilities in an organization’s network.

During a “cram” session on the Friday prior to the competition, team members were gathered around a table of laptops and routers, preparing game plans for various scenarios they could face during the competition.

Source: North Hollywood High School students head to national cybersecurity competition – Daily News


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