Now What Do We Grassroots Citizens Do?

Apr 11, 2012 by

Donna Garner

by Donna Garner –

We grassroots citizens are very saddened by Rick Santorum’s decision to suspend his campaign today but understand that he feels he must take care of his fatherly responsibilities to be with Bella and his family.

From Santorum’s letter to his supporters sent today at 2:20 P. M., we learned that Bella came home from the hospital last night but still has pneumonia. This is her second bout with pneumonia in a few months’ time.

Santorum praised the commitment of the 160,000 people who contributed to his campaign and stated, “We have been outspent in most states 5-1 or even 10-1. And we still won, or we’ve come incredibly close. Our average donation has been only $73.10. Few races in history have had so many people give so modestly to preserve liberty.”  He also asked people to consider sending their $25.00 to $73.10 contributions to help him retire any campaign debt that he is still shouldering.

As wisely stated by Tony Perkins of Family Research Council today:

Millions of voters flocked to his campaign — not because he was a Republican, but because he passionately spoke of the connection between America’s financial strength and its moral and cultural wholeness. Echoing what the FRC team promotes daily, he explained that real problem solving starts with an understanding that the economy and the family are indivisible, and that big government denies freedom.

This values message generated enthusiasm and drew many new voters into the process. If the Republican establishment hopes to generate this same voter intensity in the fall elections, these values voters must see the GOP demonstrate a genuine and solid commitment to core moral issues in addition to fiscal conservatism.

Here is the link to Santorum’s full speech today in which he explained the suspension of his campaign:

Now it will be up to us grassroots voters to decide whether to support Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney. As we evaluate these two men, we must consider which one is better equipped to beat Obama. Either Gingrich or Romney would be far, far better for America  than having Obama in the White House for another four years.

In the three years that Obama has been in the White House, he has almost succeeded in destroying America.  Our Constitutional rights have been eroded, and federal intrusion into our personal lives has escalated dramatically. We have lost face in the world, putting our troops and our nation at risk. Our influence in the world has been shattered. Our public schools and social structures have been taken over by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender agenda. Our financial future as a nation is in peril.

Because of ObamaCare, our healthcare system is on the precipice of destruction.  The Congressional Budget Office reported that if ObamaCare is allowed to go forward, it is estimated to cost $1.76 Trillion by 2022. That is not the $900 Billion that Obama told the American people his healthcare bill would cost when he spoke at the joint session of Congress in 2009.

I personally cannot consider Ron Paul as the Republican candidate because he has defended the Iranian mullahs’ pursuit of nuclear weapons even though the Iranians have unequivocally stated they want to wipe Israel (and those who support Israel) from off the face of the earth.

I also cannot possibly consider Ron Paul because he:

(1) voted against the Child Custody Protection Act three times that would have strengthened local parental notification laws by making it illegal to take a minor girl across state lines to get an abortion;

(2) voted three times against the Unborn Victims of Violence Act which would have made it a separate crime to injure or kill an unborn child in any assault against a pregnant woman;

(3) voted twice against the Human Cloning Prohibition Act; and

(4) voted against school choice legislation, border security, and the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA). FMA would have amended the U. S. Constitution to limit marriage to the union between one man and one woman and would have prevented judicial extension of marriage rights to those of the same sex, unmarried heterosexual couples. and polygamists.

Back to Obama, one of Obama’s worst curses upon our country has been in the form of the czars and politicos whom he has chosen to put around him.

Please read the following account from Gary Bauer (4.9.12) that tells about Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, and what horrendous damage he is perpetrating upon our voting system:

Despite the overwhelming popularity of voter ID laws, the Obama Administration is working non-stop to strike them down. Attorney General Eric Holder has ordered the Justice Department to block implementation of voter ID laws in South Carolina and Texas, despite a 6-to-3 ruling by the Supreme Court upholding such laws.

In the past, Holder has argued that voter ID laws are unnecessary and burdensome to minority groups. Holder insists that ballot access is more important than ballot security. Now James O’Keefe — the man who exposed ACORN and NPR — has struck again to show how voter fraud is a growing problem.

In recent weeks, O’Keefe has exposed how easy it is to cast ballots for dead people and to commit voter registration fraud. But Attorney General Eric Holder was unfazed by the facts.

So O’Keefe upped the ante and went after Holder’s own ballot. His undercover agents went into a District of Columbia polling location and were offered Eric Holder’s ballot. They did not take it so as to avoid violating any laws themselves. But they proved it could be easily done because the poll worker didn’t ask for ID and said none was necessary.

Seeing how easy it was to compromise his own ballot, I would hope the Attorney General of the United States would change his mind and respect the common sense views of most Americans. But Holder, like the man he works for, is a committed left-wing ideologue. And when reality conflicts with his ideology, it is reality that must give way.

Bottom-line: Our nation cannot possibly maintain its American exceptionalism if Obama is elected for four more years.  With another term under Obama’s Chicago way, we would not even recognize our country. We Republican voters must choose the person – Gingrich or Romney – who can best beat Obama. May God give us wisdom to make our decision.

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