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“Nukes or Thriving Hotels”

By Donna Garner



If we think this historic meeting and agreement between Pres. Trump and Kim Jong Un were simply a happenstance, then we better think again.


Among many other smart, targeted, and well-orchestrated “seeds” that Trump and his able administration sowed in Kim Jong Un’s heart to cultivate the signing of the amazing agreement in Singapore was this 4:11 minute video. 


Trump knew that he had to give Kim Jong Un a vision of what life in North Korea “could be like,” and that is exactly what this video shows.


Along with making sure that Kim Jong Un saw the video, Trump also made sure that he told the North Korean leader how promising his coastline would be for beautiful resort hotels. Then Trump and his team made sure the historic summit was held at an island location at the luxurious Capella Hotel off Singapore’s thriving southern coast.


“Nukes or gorgeous hotels” took on an all new meaning for Kim Jong Un.


“A Story of Opportunity for North Korea”

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