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Imagine half of police force recruits turning in their badges after a year of galloping disillusionment.  Or the same percentage of any other profession or trade, jumping “ship” having scarcely left “port.”  Would it not raise a few eyebrows? And if there were an epidemic of a disease and hardly any sickness in the next neighborhood, would that not be worth checking into?

So why isn’t the New York Post the least bit curious why the turnover rate at charter schools like Success Academy is astronomically high?

Reportedly one out of two teachers, originally driven by idealism and still devoted to children and professional duty, bail out in tears after a single year? That’s heaps higher than in our public schools.

Perhaps the Post equates despair with dedication or views misery as proof of fitness. If so, that would explain why the caring staffs of charter schools break free the first chance they get, and provide damning evidence of the inferiority of public school instructors. No pain for teachers means no gain for students could be the Post’s motto for schools.

In his book “The Dragons of Eden”, in which Carl Sagan describes a creature not of a journalistic genus, he inadvertently captures the editorial soul of the Post: “…cold-blooded, not very bright, but a predator exhibiting a chilling fixity of purpose.”

Ron Isaac

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