NY state website sends kids to offensive test prep

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By Carol Burris –

Parents were horrified last spring when New York State Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch compared New York’s rush to the Common Core tests to diving into the deep end of a pool. “We can’t wait… We have to just jump into the deep end,” she told The New York Times in April 2013. “We” was a curious choice of pronoun. After all, kids and teachers, not Ms. Tisch, were being forced to sink or swim.

This school year was supposed to be better. The commissioner would roll out all of the Common Core curriculum modules and post support materials for students and parents on Engage NY, a website created and maintained by the New York State Department of Education (NYSED). Tisch bragged that New York State is the only state using its federal Race to the Top dollars (more than $28 million) to develop curriculum aligned with the Core. When parents and teachers complained about the content of the curriculum modules, state education Commissioner John King dismissed their concerns, saying that he has “tremendous confidence in the materials.” He often describes the interest in New York’s reforms by the number of “hits” on Engage NY pages.

Although I have not read all of the thousands of posted pages, I have read enough to conclude that inexperience, haste, and a lack of quality control are wasting both tax dollars and precious instructional time. And sometimes “hits” on the pages prove to be embarrassing. Here are a few examples.

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